My son Jared, has been training at 440 for 4 years! I’m not sure, I can even put into words how much this facility has done for my son. He’s now a freshman at ST VINCENT ST MARY. Before 4.40, I would have never for-seen my son wanting to attend a private high school to advance his love for football!! This facility has taught him, discipline, respect, But most of all, if you work hard enough anything is possible. Jared worked out daily, and in the summer he would attend workouts not once, but twice. He not only built a personal relationship with all the trainers, he bonded with other athletes of all ages. These athletes attended colleges and a few were trying out for the NFL.. it’s not only the trainers that inspired Jared, but the others who believed in the 4.40 motto. As I said earlier, Jared is a Freshman at ST V, he’s not only a starter on the freshman team and a team captain, but a starter on the JV team as well. Jared was honored, when he was asked to dress for the varsity game against the biggest rivalry HOBAN!! My happiest moment, was when the coaches approached my parents and told them what a respectable, hard-working young man their grandson was. Yes, I wish my husband and I could take all the credit. You know the saying, “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD”. 4.40 Performance was definitely a part of Jared’s success. Honestly, it has been the best $$$ we have ever spent on Jared!! I would recommend this facility to anyone who wants to make a difference in their child’s life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jared. I will always be grateful for the trainers at 4.40 Performance.
    Nancy Spitznas 
    Back in June we found out that our High School athlete made the Under Armour All American 150 team. This event consisted of 150 athletes from around the country to participate in a lacrosse combine which was then followed by a tournament. I called you and requested a training session to bring her up to speed on how to be competitive in the combine. The results would be available to college coaches. As I watched her run in the combine, it was very apparent that the training she received made a huge difference. She was in the top 10 percent in every event and received a second-place finish in the Kneeling Medicine Ball Throw. I understand that all High School athletes that plan to play at the next level are required to complete and achieve a certain standard in some format of a combine to make the team. If every College bound athlete under 4.40’s training completes these sessions, achieving fitness and training goals at the next level will be easy. Lastly, you told me when I called this would be the most intense training sessions she will ever endure. You were correct and if you ask her, it was worth every minute!
     Ron Lair
    Thank You 440!!! Can’t say enough about the quality and character of your coaches. Their knowledge of body mechanics, increasing individual sports performance, and injury prevention is evident with every workout. Ian, Lexi, Joey, and Alex create the most positive and encouraging environment 100% of the time. My kids comment “that was soooo fun” or “I miss 440.” Thank you, all, for the positive influence and lifelong impact you have made on my children.
    Kim Esposito ~mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 11  
    I’m writing to tell you how important 4.40 has been to Adam, and his success in his life. The knowledge he has gained there has helped him academically and athletically. We signed him up to 4.40 June 1st 2015 and we have seen so much improvement in his performance. 
    Adam is a wrestler and a thrower on his track team at Green  High School. He lettered in both sports his freshman year. We always get the comments how does he do it and we tell them 4.40 performance. The team and the programs you use there are the greatest.
    Mike Abbott  
    We are beyond impressed with the care and training Deisel has received from Performance 4.40. Deisel loves everyone he works with and the training programs. He has received compliments on how his performance at lacrosse has already improved after a month of hard work. Thank you to all the amazing staff that work with him. The genuine kindness and support shown is beyond measure.
    Katrina Smith  
    Neiko loves 440... the coaching and personalized training has exceeded our expectations!! In just a few short months his form and strength have improved..... we would highly recommend 440.
    Brianne Henninge