Athlete Programs

Est. in 2011, our sports performance training programs are designed to improve strength and speed for long-term athlete development


Our Foundation program is comprised of athletes ages 9-12 years old. In this class, athletes will participate in a thorough dynamic warm-up, speed training, age-appropriate strength training, conditioning, and games. These athletes will learn proper speed mechanics,  foundational strength patterns, and how to be a great teammate. 


Our Intermediate class is designed for athletes ages 13-15 years old. Athletes in this class will perform the following in each session: Dynamic Warm-Up, Activation, Plyometrics, Speed Training (Linear Speed/Agility/Speed Mechanics & Technique), Power (Medicine Ball/Jumps/Resisted Short Sprints), Strength Training (Foundational Movement Patterns - squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, core) and Conditioning/Competition/Games.

Advanced Speed/Jump Training

This session is designed to fill the gaps that athletes have when they are only strength training. Athletes must have the capacity to express speed, change of direction, vertical and multi directional jumps and have exceptional body control. Using scientifically proven methods, this session will increase an athletes' speed and jumping ability.

Team Training

Does your team need specific training? Our facility specializes in team building for all sports and ages. Contact us today to learn more!