Train like an Athlete

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4.40 Performance is a 45,000 square foot complex established in 2011 and located in North Canton, Ohio. At 4.40 Performance, we are dedicated to providing our members with a quality program that meets the health, wellness, and performance needs of our athletes and adults. We offer sports performance speed and strength sessions, personal training, adult classes, field rental space, and much more!

What We Offer

Sports Performance Training

Our sports performance training programs are designed for ages 9 and up. Through a diverse range of games and challenges, athletes not only improve their physical skills but also sharpen their cognitive abilities, decision-making, and teamwork. From strategic team games to individual challenges, our programs are designed to keep athletes engaged, motivated, and constantly evolving. Our experienced coaches guide athletes through structured game-based sessions, ensuring a balance between fun and focused development.

Adult Training

Our 4.40 Barbell Club offers open gym and group classes for our adult population. This gym will be open 7 days a week for any adult looking to run their own program or join in on classes. Our mission is to create a gym rooted in community where you are pushed to achieve your goals!

Personal Training

Our personal training sessions are offered for both athletes and adults! Each session is 60 minutes and includes an individualized strength or speed program as well as education on training, recovery, and nutrition. If you are new to exercise, wanting to take your game to the next level, learn form and movement patterns, or gain accountability and motivation then personal training is for you!

Physical Therapy

Big Cat Performance is raising the standard with his unique approach to combine performance training with physical therapy. He offers one-on-one therapy, ACL return to sport programming, dry needling, nutrition, remote training and much more! If you’re looking to feel your best after an injury check out Big Cat Performance.


I have been going to 440 for about 7 years and they have never failed to impress me. Any time I have a question about an exercise, stretches, or even nutrition they always have a great answer. I went there for the first time when I was in the 8th grade. I played lacrosse and wanted to become a more serious athlete and they helped me get there. When I first started I had minimal strength and speed. But they have helped me get to the player I am today which led me to be a collegiate D1 athlete at Central Michigan University. They have taught me many of the foundations that I will need to succeed in college. I would recommend this facility for any student athlete planning on playing in the next level in college or even just looking to stay in shape. They are truly amazing people.
- Abigail Lair
I wanted to thank you guys for everything you did for my girls. From the first day to the last, I saw such a drastic change in performance. Not only in their speed, but also a change in their attitude. You pushed them to new levels, which I hope will allow them to push themselves even past that. It was such a joy working with your team. I also loved it and found changes in myself as well. I will definitely recommend your program to teams I talk to, and will also definitely try to get the girls to sign up for off season training. I trust the work you do, and know that it truly makes a difference. Thank you again for everything. We all really do appreciate you guys!
- Emily Bergert - Hoover Girl's Lacrosse Coach
Over the last few years, the coaching staff at 440 has been instrumental in my development as an athlete. They are extremely knowledgeable and never fail to have a solution to any problem or training question I present to them. During the short periods of time I am able to come home from college, I always look forward to working out with this great group of people!
- Jaret Pallotta
Rachel is doing a fantastic job with Dashel. She keeps it fresh and fun to accomplish the desired result. The atmosphere of the gym is also very energetic, but not Hans and Franz hardcore. We enjoy the gym atmosphere and staff quite a lot. The only reason we would give a lower score would be to keep the gym to ourselves.
- Jeff Hemlick
Everything about 4.40 is awesome! The coaches gave my daughter confidence and strength and also were so friendly to her that she looks up to all of them. I would highly recommend any program at 4.40!
- Kerri Clark
My name is Lukas Pemberton, i am a current jackson volleyball player. I have been at 440 on and off for the past few years. More recently I have gotten more involved with myself and my own success in athletic training at 440. There has been nothing more helpful to me with my progress in my vertical and overall strength and speed than 440. The only words i can describe the staff as is friendly, extremely helpful, and most of all respectful. The equipment and exercises are very useful and sports oriented . Some of the friendships i’ve built here have been great. It is safe to say i can dedicate my success in my sport to the training staff at 440.
- Lukas Pemberton
My name is Riley Floyd and I am a college lacrosse athlete at Kent State University. I am a former Jackson lacrosse athlete and started working out at 4.40 Performance in the sixth grade. From the moment I began training with the coaches at 440, I can confidently say that they have given me all the time and effort to make me the lacrosse player I am today. The coaches have always cared for me and my fitness goals as they have always pushed me to be the best athlete I can be. The positive atmosphere in the gym encourages athletes to work hard, stay motivated, and focus on their sport. The 4.40 coaches passion in helping their athletes succeed has made me a stronger and more confident athlete. I am beyond grateful for the connections I have made with the coaches, the memories that will last a lifetime, and for this facility helping me to be the healthiest version of myself.
- Riley Floyd
My name is Alyssa Ziehler and I am a college basketball player at The University of Findlay. I graduated from Green High school and chose 440 to help prepare myself for college athletics. As soon as I started I knew right away this was the place I wanted to be working out at. The atmosphere in the gym is second to none and each and every coach goes above and beyond to reach every athletes goals. My little brother saw how much I enjoyed going to 440 and has just recently started training with Chris and he absolutely loves every minute of it! Lexi has not only helped me achieve my goals physically but has helped me gain more confidence in the gym. Bringing in my college packet Lexi also incorporates individualized movements and exercises to help with injury prevention. I’m beyond thankful for all that the coaching staff at 440 has done for me and I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today without them!
- Alyssa Ziehler