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We are Northeast Ohio's Strength & Conditioning Training Facility Established in 2011. Our 45,000 square foot facility is located in North Canton, Ohio. We offer Strength & Speed Training for Long-Term Athletic Development. 

Sports Performance Training

Raise your game or take your team to the next level. Our Sports Performance Training Programs provide individualized or team training based on personal goals and sport-specific demands.

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Does your team need specific training in the off-season or pre-season? Our facility specializes in team building for serious athletes.

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I wanted to thank you guys for everything you did for my girls. From the first day to the last, I saw such a drastic change in performance. Not only in their speed, but also a change in their attitude. You pushed them to new levels, which I hope will allow them to push themselves even past that. It was such a joy working with your team. I also loved it and found changes in myself as well. I will definitely recommend your program to teams I talk to, and will also definitely try to get the girls to sign up for off season training. I trust the work you do, and know that it truly makes a difference. Thank you again for everything. We all really do appreciate you guys!

Emily Bergert - Hoover Girl's Lacrosse Coach

Lake Girls Lacrosse team started working out at 440 in November. Lexi, Ian and Alex were fantastic with the team. They were positive, encouraging and knowledgeable. The transformation that I’ve seen with my athletes has been amazing. They are more athletic and better prepared for the season! Thank you 440 for the excellent off season experience! 

Joya Mitchell - Lake Girl's Lacrosse Coach

I’m writing to tell you how important 4.40 has been to Adam, and his success in his life. The knowledge he has gained there has helped him academically and athletically. We signed him up to 4.40 June 1st 2015 and we have seen so much improvement in his performance. 

Adam is a wrestler and a thrower on his track team at Green High School. He lettered in both sports his freshman year. We always get the comments how does he do it and we tell them 4.40 performance. The team and the programs you use there are the greatest.

Mike Abbott

Thank You 440!!! Can’t say enough about the quality and character of your coaches. Their knowledge of body mechanics, increasing individual sports performance, and injury prevention is evident with every workout. Ian, Lexi, Joey, and Alex create the most positive and encouraging environment 100% of the time. My kids comment “that was soooo fun” or “I miss 440.” Thank you, all, for the positive influence and lifelong impact you have made on my children.

Kim Esposito

My eldest daughter started attending 4.40 with her Lacrosse team and went from being a beginner athlete to an athlete that strives to better herself in all aspects of her life. My youngest daughter joined shortly thereafter and after a month of training became a stronger faster soccer player. Her strength and endurance continues to improve every day. Thank you to all the coaches and trainers at 4.40!

Andrea Wells