It's Comeback Season: Part 3

I have come to realize that after over 5 years, 12,000 hours, and 1,000+ unique athletes trained, I can offer a lot more to the world at large by branching out of my day-to-day operations in an attempt to reach a larger & broader audience. Obviously my focus is and will always be our athletes and developing high-level performance, but my hope is to use this platform to reach athletes, parents, coaches, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins I’d most likely never meet with in person. Regardless of your geological location or financial status, it is my hope that I’m able to help people navigate the booby trap that is the field of Health, Wellness, and Performance. A well-informed populous is a healthy & a safe one, both of which are desperately needed now, especially considering the times and current events plaguing us all.

I hope to publish a variety of posts over the next several months. The majority I hope will be scientifically backed and research based, with academic citations abound, but some will inevitably be opinion pieces. While I tend to be weary of opinion pieces since I rarely know the credibility and experience of the author in the particular field, I will say that if and when I do publish an opinion piece it is for one reason only: I often simply cannot organize and remember citations from all the thoughts in my brain, all the lectures I’ve watched, all the books I’ve read, all the podcasts I’ve listened to, and all the posts I’ve learned from and interacted with over the years.

I’m a student of this world the same as you, and I firmly believe the greatest skill I’ve acquired and hope to be able to pass on is that of efficient research and critical thought. Do your own research, ask your own questions, and seek out leaders in the field (preferably ones without vested and traceable financial interests).

Below is a tentative, first draft list of what I hope to address in the coming weeks and months (in no particular order):

  • The Pro’s, Con’s, and Misconceptions Regarding In-Season Training
  • The Importance of Growing Up & Developing as a Multi-Sport Athlete
  • The Importance of Free & Unorganized Play in Adolescence
  • The Pro’s, Con’s, and Misconceptions of Early Sport Specialization
  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation: A Tale of Personal Involvement, Dedication, & the Pursuit of Excellence
  • Nutrition: The “black art” of the Health & Wellness Industry
  • Gaining & Losing Weight: an exploration of the difficulties associated with each, and where you may be having problems
  • Strength is Never a Weakness… Until it is
  • Supplement use in Pre-Collegiate Athletics
  • Two Types of Athletes: The Pursuit of Excellence vs. The Pursuit of Participation Trophies
  • Survival Guide for Parents: how to know who to trust and who to question