4.40 Performance


Sports Performance Training - Specialty Programs

Athlete Evaluation

Athlete Pre Performance Test - 90-minute evaluation with a certified Performance Coach.

This mandatory test will determine the athletes’ current level of ability. At the conclusion, results will be discussed with the athlete and parent. To maximize your athletic potential, we must identify the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to his/her sport(s). Our coaching staff will provide education on sports performance training so that the athlete will have a better understanding of the physical and mental demands of his/her sport(s).

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Testing Components:
Speed Preparation / Dynamic warm-up: Foundations and assessment of linear and lateral movement skills/mechanics and muscle specific activation and flexibility as well as coordination, balance, endurance and overall strength and conditioning.
10, 20 and 40 yard dash – (LASER TIMED): Specific stance technique, measure of acceleration speed and power, top-speed/maximum velocity and running technique and efficiency.
Vertical Jump: Measure of explosive power in a vertical direction. Full body power and jumping technique are assessed.
Standing Broad Jump: Measure of explosive power in a horizontal direction. Full body power, jumping technique and landing position are assessed.
5-10-5 Pro Agility: Measure of lateral power, agility and efficiency of change of direction skills. Acceleration, deceleration, technique and proper stance are assessed.
3 Cone L Drill: Highly involved measure of acceleration, agility, body control, overall speed and change of direction with emphasis on specific start stance and technique throughout.
Strength Testing Components/Flexibility: Overall and relative body weight strength, muscle endurance and flexibility

Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting tests the aspects of human ballistic limits, or explosive strength. The Deadlift, Jerk, Snatch and Clean are triple extension movements designed to train for explosiveness and functional sport strength. With close attention to detail and proper technique instruction, an athlete can expect to increase first step explosiveness, vertical & broad jump technique, proper weight progressions and maximize strength potential. Each week athletes will tackle new and exciting movements, learn proper technique and begin an Olympic lifting strength program that can be continued beyond this clinic. Any range of Athletes PL3 or PL4 can qualify, and will be placed into a proper program for their specific talents, and also to improve any weaknesses. Spots are limited so reserve yours today!

Olympic Lifting – OLY Level 1 – Ages 12-14

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Olympic Lifting – OLY Level 2 – Ages 15-18

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Soccer Camp

The objective is for athletes to cultivate the basic fundamentals of soccer while pushing themselves to new levels and gaining confidence in their new found development with maximum results.

Soccer Camp – Group 1 – Ages 9-12

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Soccer Camp – Group 2 – Ages 13-18

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Soccer Camp – Group 2 – Ages 13-18

Explosive Sprint & Vertical Jump Clinic

Specifically designed to increase your first step quickness, power development in all directions, and sport specific speed that will separate you from your competition. Results guaranteed!

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College Athlete - Summer Training Package

Our facility is built to enhance the high performance athlete and develop the best results possible. All collegiate athletes have a specialized program to follow for their off season training and our staff will ensure that this is done. From injury reduction, Olympic lifting and explosive speed development we are ready to get you the results you deserve!

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Lacrosse – Summer/Fall Training

To increase your strength and prevent injury during this period of time, we strongly encourage every athlete to build a foundation to better prepare for their next season.

With any package purchased, you will receive a 4.40 Performance Training Manual that provides a description of the following:

  • Enhancing your speed, agility, and quickness
  • Increasing your strength, power, and flexibility
  • Improving your running mechanics and maximizing athletic potential
  • Boosting self-confidence and develop mental success
  • Learning injury prevention and pre-habilitation
  • Having access to continuing tests and measurements to chart your progress and growth
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